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stomach Weight loss tips

Belly fat for most people is very disturbing, especially for a woman like her belly looks fat will be less ugly. cause of abdominal fat was not caused by fat, but there are many factors that cause belly fat.Most of the beer belly is caused by fundamental factors of diet and lifestyle. Here are some ways to get rid of belly fat gain in both men and women.Discouraging pin Tips:

1. Drinking water 

If bloating caused by water retention, you can actually reduce the problem by drinking more water. This will dilute the concentration of sodium in the body through which the water from the system. Increasing water intake also ensure the effective operation of guts to eliminate wastes. Do not change the water in the diet, because many materials are difficult to digest and can cause gastric bubble.

2. Eat slowly 

Avoid fast food, because if you swallow too quickly, at least the air trapped in the intestines and form a gas that can cause abdominal distention. Always sit down when eating slowly and chewing food. Food is chewed into small pieces which then can not produce much gas for the inflation caused digested.

3. Proper fiber consumption 

Fiber is an important element in the diet, but to compensate for water retention that causes bubbles, eat fiber in fruits such as apples and pears with a high water content.

4. Reduce salt intake 

Too much salt in your diet add extra sodium to the mechanism that slows the body fluids, so push the water from the cells. Due to the stomach feel full and bloated.

5. Avoid constipation 

Constipation is defined as less than three stools in one week, or if the stress involved. As a result of stomach feels great. To stimulate the intestines, the consumption of fiber from fruits and vegetables, do it gradually fermentation and to avoid excessive gas production.

6. Sports 

Exercise will help move the fluid in the abdomen that can cause major stomach by the of the network and enter the bloodstream where it will dilkeluarkan as sweat or placed in the bile to be removed as urine. Suggested among other sports aerobics.

7. Monitoring treatmentExcessive use of drugs can cause stomach expands. Aspirin sometimes causes problems leading to constipation and abdominal distension, including the contraceptive pill.

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