Sabtu, 01 Oktober 2011

Overcoming Cellulite during pregnancy

Cellulite is also found in women who are pregnant, then how to deal with cellulite during pregnancy? The next will be a simple way to the appearance of cellulite to overcome:

For normal weight is 11 kg 0-9 months pregnant. It is recommended that weight gain during pregnancy to preserve by taking into account the intake of food consumed in the sense of not restricting food consumption. By balancing the energy source of food for everyday eating.

• Minimum shower twice a day and after a shower, not a regular moisturizer to the skin followed by the body to balance the pH of the skin to keep forgetting and helps protect the skin elasticity and firmness.

Wisdom in choosing lotions that contain collagen or olive oil or baby oil can be used to restore skin elasticity during pregnancy.

Exercise regularly to improve circulation and oxygen. Choose a mild exercise such as walking or swimming and do twice a week.

Keep a balanced lifestyle and diet to reduce fat. Increase consumption of fruits and vegetables - fruits rich in antioxidants, fiber, iron and other water with a minimum of 4-6 liters per day.

It is advisable to carry the pregnancy to follow.

scrub and light massage may also minimize cellulite and stretch marks.

stretch mark cream to use anti the appearance of stretch marks and intensively moisturize skin to reduce.

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